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Complex Transactions ... Doable!


I'm an experienced real estate and finance problem solver... whether you’re planning on selling, buying and/or  wanting financing guidance, I can help you to succeed achieving your unique  goals and save money doing it. "Once I begin the hunt (assignment)... I'll pursue my prey (your goal) 'til I shoot it dead... or 'til it drops dead from the chase." And I have the craftsman skills to back that up. 


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"Quality never goes out of style."


Looking for your "Best Value Pricing" large or small, condo or mansion, investment or luxury? I can find it and help you get it at the right price...  also help you with land, building, estate and investment property... options available for your situation selling and/or buying: analysis... pricing... marketing... buyer qualifications... negotiations... contracts... escrow...  inspections... close...


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No surprises Knowledge is Power


 If you have questions about affordability, credit or income, trust me to help find you what you need as a Buyer and/or Seller. 

Put my 40+ years experience to work for you... save time and money... reduce and eliminate stresses associated with buying or selling.  I'll go the extra mile to make sure you feel confident and well informed every step of the way.


 "Best Value Pricing" 


LOVE . . . JOY . . . PEACE . . . HEALTH . . . PROSPERITY


INSPIRATIONAL family-friendly community

Do you want Beautiful sweeping views? ... and within steps to everything!.  

GREAT!  I can help.  I grew up in Albuquerque and know Albuquerque like the back of my hand.

Do you want a quality built home in one of the best locations in town?   

SUPER!  I can help you find your dream home... chosen uniquely for you... the Best home in the Best location at the Best price!... call on KristPeetz@gmail.com 


EXTRAORDINARY fun 'n exciting outdoors

Do you want to have luxury, security and a sense of belonging?

FABULOUS!  Let me do the work for you.  Relax! .... I'll make it EZ!

I'll do the research, provide history, data, statistics and assist with comparative analysis... so you can make a wise decision... and negotiate a great home at a great price in a great community.... where you feel safe, happy, healthy and inspired.

ENJOY the experience... make your DREAMS COME TRUE!


EXCEPTIONAL convenient and enjoyable

Do you want Bike trails, open space nearby? ... and outdoor recreation at its best!

OUTSTANDING!  Just let me know what you like best.

Do you want a structurally sound built home that you can renovate to your tastes?

FANTASTIC !  Take advantage of my  valuable knowledge and expertise to help find the right home, save you money, and avoid costly mistakes... Oh, by the way did I mention?? ... and also with much LESS  STRESS !!!

Knowledgeable & Trustworthy



"We were impressed with Krist Peetz' real estate knowledge and expertise... with our home in Glenwood Hills and ranch...diligent and trustworthy.. fair pricing.. certainly recommend him." T & D Seitz, ABQ

"Krist is solid. Doing business with him is a lock." A.Cobb, Owner, ABQ

"Krist was diligent... both friendly and firm.  We appreciate the job he did for us and would highly recommend him." R. Rogers, Owner, ABQ

"Mr. Peetz is thorough... I had never met anyone so well prepared.  He does good work." N.Keipert, Investor, Scottsdale, AZ

"When Krist Peetz arrived in southern New Mexico his presence was readily apparent... His depth of knowledge and moxie tends to raise the performance level of people around him.  He's a man of integrity that gets quality results."  P. Shinn, REALTOR, Director of Business Development, Las Cruces, NM



"Krist Peetz, we found to be very honest and dependable... I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Peetz."  D. Dean, Owner, Builder, ABQ

"The Consumer Protection Division of the District Attorney's Office appreciates your cooperation... Your attention to the matter reflects pride and proficiency in service to the public."  J.L. Brandenburg, District Attorney, ABQ

"We found Krist to be a consistent producer and highly regarded by his fellow associates."  B. Hooten, Chairman, REALTOR, ABQ

"Mr. Peetz is capable and honest. I recommend him to any position of responsibility and leadership." - D. Cauwels, Owner, Assets Mgr. ABQ

"Krist Peetz... Give me two more just like him, if you can find them." 

J. Menzie, Developer, Baton Rouge, LA


Krist Peetz

Received an Economics degree in Money & Banking, with Spanish & Brazilian Portuguese minor at UNM... I've been investing in real estate 50 years and been licensed 42 years... became licensed in Finance, as a Building Contractor, and in Insurance for select "key-man" transactions.

I'm also a former ballroom dance instructor and Latin folk dance performer.


Counseling, Consulting, Concierge Services

"Best Value Pricing"

NOTE: I do not use technology to track, spam, monitor, manipulate or  deceive.  I deal strictly aboveboard: "all cards on the table... face-up".

Romantic Spanish Guitar Music for you to enjoy during your visit

Pricing Schedule


Consulting Services $599*

(a.)  provide macro-economic understanding of current market... you learn how

(b.)  complete micro-economic financial analysis of your home... you learn how

(c.)  help establish knowledge-based current value for your home... you know how

(d.)  present marketing plan to obtain top dollar in shortest realistic time-frame

(e.)   reduce stress: you know what to expect, when to act, and how to get it done

The average person makes wise decisions when given complete facts in an unbiased manner.

Counseling Services 1.375%*

(a.)  includes consulting items listed above

(b.)  assist with list/sell agreement and related documents; you learn as we go

(c.)  help coordinate the multiple steps to closing; and you learn as we go  

(d.)  coach and educate throughout sale and close of property... knowledge is power

(e.)  learn and know what is best for you... vs... being told what is best for you

% where noted above is percentage of the sale price

Concierge Services 1.625% to 2.125%*

  Specialty assignments, such as to purchase or to sell a property  

(a.)  includes consulting and counseling items listed above    

(b.)  facilitate and complete negotiations; and you learn as we go  

(c.)  draw up purchase/sell agreement and addenda  

(d.)  interface with appraiser,lender, inspectors, and brokers, if any  

(e.)  synchronize various steps for closing; and you learn as we go

% where noted above is percentage of the sale price

Full Service 1.875% to 5.25%*

  Negotiable pricing dependent upon:  

(a.)  number of brokers participating in transaction  

(b.)  complexity and sophistication of transaction  

(c.)  estimate time requirements to complete  

(d.)  includes consulting, counseling, concierge items above

% where noted above is percentage of the sale price   

*plus NM gross receipts tax


 Are your service fees an additional cost?

There are  no additional costs.  Whether you're selling or buying my fees are tailored to your unique real estate needs, resulting in much lower costs for you with non-compromising service. Knowledge, experience, contacts and skill-sets allow me to provide you an unparalleled value.

Contact me for more details -OR- to schedule an appointment.

Full and cost-saving Consulting, Counseling, Concierge services

Krist Peetz

5020 Calle de Carino, Albuquerque, NM 87111

(505) 620-0013


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Sunday: Closed for worship